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Mentoring for Fitness Professionals


Mentoring is a system of semi-structured guidance whereby one person (Mentor) shares their knowledge, skills and experience to assist others (Mentees) to progress in their own lives and careers. Mentoring is about motivating and empowering others to identify their own issues and goals, and helping them to find ways of resolving or reaching them. From our Small Group 4-Week Mentoring Programs to the One-on-One Solutions, we have the right fix for your professional development needs.

Personal Trainers


Strength Training and Weight Loss? Hypertrophy? Sport Specific Programming? Functional Movement Patterns, maybe? Do you know how to properly spot a client? Maybe you have the knowledge, but lack the experience working with real clients? Let us show you how to train clients on the Gym Floor to become a more profitable and successful Trainer.



Week 1: Weight Loss and Fitness

Week 2: Hypertrophy and Lifting

Week 3: Circuit Training Programs

Week 4: Sport Specific Training

Indoor Cycling Instructors


It all starts with the first pedal stroke… but there’s much more to a perfect Indoor Cycling class than that. Learn directly from the source with the knowledge and over 15 years of experience of two Spinning® Master Instructors and bring your Class Design, Riding and Music Mixing skills to a new level.




Week 1: Cycling Technique and Movements
Week 2: Class Design
Week 3: Communication and Coaching Skills
Week 4: Music, Mixing Emotions

Group Exercise Instructors


From Choreography based formats to Bootcamp. From Kick Boxing to Step, tap into the best instructor you can be. Musicality, Class Progressions or Special Populations, together we will develop the perfect Toolbox to become the perfect Group Exercise Instructor. 




Week 1: Choreographed Formats and Musicality
Week 2: Step based Formats
Week 3: Boxing and Martial Arts based Formats
Week 4: Bootcamp and Circuit Formats

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